More than an app, Food Hero is giving you the power to get the food you want, whenever or wherever you are, at the tip of your finger!

Craving for a delicious, fresh and homemade meal quickly home delivered? In a need for some emergency groceries when hosting an unplanned party? We got your back with our cold drinks, cocktail packs and smokers items! Don’t forget we’re here to save your day!

Whatever your favorite food is, you’ll certainly find it on our new app; gourmet or smash burgers, Italian dishes, Japanese fusion food, healthy salad or our matchless French Tacos? Take your pick or pick them all, the choice is yours but in the end, you’ll only get one bill!


Ordering online has never been so easy! At home or at your office? It’s always the right time to experiment new flavors! The hardest part is yet to choose!

Find your favorite food, dish, dessert or groceries. Don’t get lost! Choose according to your diet: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and more! Choose between Delivery or Takeout! Or simply order with our iPads on directly on site!

Order alone, as a duo, with friends, office colleagues or family? For now or for later? With the Food Hero app, home delivery has never been so easy, don't wait any longer to get your order. All you have to do is click, eat and smile!

  • Download the app ✔️
  • Enter your address ✔️
  • Browse through our wide selection and choose your dishes & products ✔️
  • Place your order ✔️
  • Get it delivered in minutes ✔️
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